Dnd 5e campaigns pdf

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Dnd 5e campaigns pdf

Army of the Damned 5e by SpiketailDrake. For 1st level characters will advance to 5th level over the campaign. The five holders of the gems are then pardoned and set free from servitude. The Gauntlet has begun.

Madness of the Rat King 5e by SpiketailDrake. Madness of the Rat King is designed for play as both a stand-alone module, or accompanied by the Fiery Grog Tavern. The Fiery Grog is a popular watering hole for the more rough and tumble folk of Port Myrandu. The seedy tavern is often the meeting place for shady dealings kept hidden by the loud drunken activities that permeate the building each night. A Harvest of Evil is a tragedy in progress. The little thorp of Twin Oaks has just received a most unwelcome visitor: Deskryn, a vampire fighter, whose malice is as great as his mercy is feeble.

When the characters learn too much and unravel the secret of Twin Oaks, the battle will be joined as the vampire attempts to eliminate those who could bring about his destruction. Bhishana Bhaga is an old rakshasa searching for a comfortable place to retire. Making a pact with a metal-hungry delver named CrushStone to guard her new home, the rakshasa has driven out most of the gnomes and begun to make preparations for her occupancy. If she is to be rooted out of these mountains and the mine returned to the gnomes, the best time to do it is now.It does not include the playtest adventures, which have their own listas those adventures had significantly different monster stats and rules.

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Lost Mine of Phandelver by Rich Baker. Levels Jun 15, Amazon. The adventurers are hired to escort supplies to the mining village of Phandelver, but intrigues and conflict swirl around the town as factions fight over a long-lost mine: the magical Wave Echo Cave.

Level 2. Oct 06, Candlekeep is under siege, and it needs adventurers to help protect it! Heed the call to defend the legendary monastery and stand against the tide of evil. This is an adventure that uses the playtest rules and needs a little modification before regular use. Curse of Strahd by Christopher Perkins. Mar 15, Under raging storm clouds, the vampire Count Strahd von Zarovich stands silhouetted against the ancient walls of Castle Ravenloft.

Rumbling thunder pounds the castle spires. A lightning flash rips through the darkness, but Strahd is gone. Only the howling of the wind fills the midnight air. The master of Castle Ravenloft is having guests for dinner—and you are invited.

Princes of the Apocalypse. Apr 07, Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes. Each of these prophets has assembled a cadre of cultists and creatures to serve them in the construction of four elemental temples of lethal design.

It is up to adventurers from heroic factions such as the Emerald Enclave and the Order of the Gauntlet to discover where the true power of each prophet lay, and dismantle it before it comes boiling up to obliterate the Realms.

Out of the Abyss. Sep 15, The Underdark is a subterranean wonderland, a vast and twisted labyrinth where fear reigns. It is the home of horrific monsters that have never seen the light of day. It is here that the dark elf Gromph Baenre, Archmage of Menzoberranzan, casts a foul spell meant to ignite a magical energy that suffuses the Underdark and tears open portals to the demonic Abyss. What steps through surprises even him, and from that moment on, the insanity that pervades the Underdark escalates and threatens to shake the Forgotten Realms to its foundations.

List of free D&D Campaigns

Stop the madness before it consumes you! Aug 19, In an audacious bid for power the Cult of the Dragon, along with its dragon allies and the Red Wizards of Thay, seek to bring Tiamat from her prison in the Nine Hells to Faerun. To this end, they are sweeping from town to town, laying waste to all those who oppose them and gathering a hoard of riches for their dread queen.

The threat of annihilation has become so dire that groups as disparate as the Harpers and Zhentarim are banding together in the fight against the cult. Never before has the need for heroes been so desperate. Oct 21, The Cult of the Dragon leads the charge in an unholy crusade to bring Tiamat back to the Realms, and the situation grows more perilous for good people with each passing moment.

The battle becomes increasingly political as opportunities to gather allies and gain advantage present themselves. Succeed or succumb to the oppression of draconic tyranny.Login My Library Wishlists. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. Log In with Facebook. Log In I am new here. Remember me. Error: No match for email address or password. Password forgotten?

Click here. DMs Guild. Guild Adept. Descent into Avernus. Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Tomb of Annihilation. Tales from the Yawning Portal. Storm King's Thunder. Curse of Strahd. Rage of Demons. Elemental Evil. Tyranny of Dragons. Product Type. Old Module Conversion. Salvage Missions AL. Family Oriented. Pulp Action. Forgotten Realms.

A Guide to Official D&D 5th Edition Published Adventures

Plane Shift. Phone PDF. Virtual Tabletop. Pay What You Want. Follow Your Favorites!Descriptions of these large campaign adventures are ordered in my own order of preference, from top to bottom. Use this guide to decide which campaign adventures may work best for your group.

Each adventure description includes some DM tips and further references for each adventure. Even if you don't run them as written, they provide a tremendous value of material you can use in your own games.

If you love published adventures, please take a look at Fantastic Adventures: Ruins of the Grendleroot. This book has ten easy-to-prep adventures for 1st through 5th level set in the vast chambers of Blackclaw Mountain wherein lies an ancient alien sentience known as the Grendleroot. All published adventures need some work. Few dungeon masters run published adventures without modifying them to fit their own style and the desires of their group.

Adventure writers know this and embrace it. I have yet to talk to any adventure designer who does not expect and recommend that groups tailor published adventure for their group. Lost Mine of Phandelver is presented in four chapters each of which will run roughly four hours. The adventure takes characters from 1st to 5th level and the Starter Set includes pre-generated characters with all of the material needed to level them up right on the character sheet.

DM Requirements. Phandelver requires very little preparation to run. The pre-generated characters include adventure-specific hooks already so take note of those before you run it. Above all, be nice to them at 1st level. The first part of this adventure can be lethal for 1st level characters if you're not careful. Consider leveling them to 2nd level after their first confrontation with the goblins and before they go to the goblin caves in chapter 1.

Be careful with 1st level characters in this adventure. The low-level adventures all include foes that are very difficult for 1st level characters including ochre jelliesa manticoreand wererats. Feel free to replace these monsters with similar but more reasonable monsters like gray oozesbanditsthugsand others.

In the case of the manticore, steer it towards a roleplaying encounter and weaken the manticore with wounds from the white dragon. Reduce its hit points and remove or reduce its spined tail attack. An adventure with a huge legacy, the 5th edition adventure Curse of Strahd captures everything we loved in the classic, i6 Ravenloft, and expands it into a full 1st to 10th level Ravenloft campaign.If you're looking for a way to connect with someone you care about, spend time with them, and … [Read More If you're just getting … [Read More To celebrate the spring season, we put together a light-hearted bunny day excursion for 5e that you can play at your table or around your house, appropriate for all ages and levels of experience!

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This colorful quest works as a side-narrative for one-on-one games or for small … [Read More In this introductory post for our new series and hopefully new game shared online with you! Duet Adventures for 5e Levels Escape from a castle, rescue an ancient warrior, solve small town mysteries, and uncover the cure for the Crystalline Curse! Available now on DMsGuild! An atmospheric One-Shot Adventure for 1-on-1 or parties, Level 5 or 6 This adventure takes place in the twisted, dark of the Blackwoods Forest.

The survival of the small village of Redvale hangs in the balance as the party investigates the peculiar doings of a reclusive … [Read More The forest, its lifeblood, has seemingly withdrawn its bounty. Others have gone in, only to return hours later confused about how they got … [Read More We recommend creating a central party for your duet so that your encounters are more balanced and your primary character has someone they trust and care about to talk to and work with. Welcome to Part II of our post on creating the central party!

Prepare in Advance With so many of us moving our games to online, we wanted to cover some advice and ideas for players as well as for their DMs for moving games online.

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While the transition will likely be more labor-intensive for DMs than players, there's still a lot that … [Read More A one-on-one Curse of Strahd adventure! About the Adventure Several forms of … [Read More Hello wonderful duet friends! First, we hope this finds you and your loved ones well and safe in a difficult time. We know that many of you play in … [Read More There are a few special considerations you might want to take into account … [Read More Get your gaming materials ready!

We are thrilled to announce that our first duet adventure is now available for download on DMs Guild! However, if you'd like to support our blog and further … [Read More The Sequel to First Blush Wake up in a druid colony and embark on a quest for trust and truth with plenty of political intrigue, hidden plots, and exciting combat along the way!The design of dnd. Here are some links you might find helpful. Other material can be found on the Dungeon Masters Guild.

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The material they provide is for personal use only and should be not be resold or redistributed. Like Like. Thanks for the links! Though I do wish you had a search bar somewhere — was hoping to see if you had posted any other modules I could run.

Like Liked by 1 person. I should probably look at a reorganization of this site again soon. Thanks very much for letting me know what you would find useful! You should definitely check out DMsGuild. It warms my heart to hear that families are enjoying this together — best wishes to you all! Does WorC actually intended to be free? A lot of hese same adventures seem to be for sale at DMsGuild? They were originally offered for free, and as far as I know they still are.

Many thanks for the link. They love it and thanks to your effort we benefited greatly. Thank you once again. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content.

dnd 5e campaigns pdf

Kyle Maxwell Adventure 1 Minute. Published Previous Post Episodic Campaigns. Does WotC intend for these to be free? Many of these seem to be for sale on DMsGuild? Thank you once again Like Like. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public.

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Name required. Post to Cancel.We have several free downloadable first level adventures listed below. Download the adventures and if you decide to play any of these, please leave some feedback at the bottom of this page, our visitors would love to hear your thoughts!

dnd 5e campaigns pdf

Thank you and enjoy your adventure! Of course, we recommend visiting dnd. Play free online games at William Hill! A long time ago I was part of a gaming group. And was giving the opportunity to run an adventure This was the adventure I dm'd Even now years later I still remember the fun and the fails that the team went through in this starter campaign.

Like multiple failed climb checks, even with the rope. The first trap not really scaring the players like I hoped, and them cruising through then next mostly unscathed.

It wasn't until the third trap when one of the PC's was "killed", did the remainder start taking this dungeon seriously.

Free D&D Adventures from Wizards of the Coast

It wasn't until the end of the adventure and the return of their lost teammate did it feel like a successful adventure.

The players all loved it. They even gave the teammate that got "killed" hell, forcing his character to walk back to town naked. I have run many other adventures since then, mostly my own. But some I got from other sources. This one though still holds a special place in my memories.

Thank you so much! For some reason, I couldn't find any of the solo adventures to catch new-guy up to everyone else in-game. What can I say? If a group of experienced players wants to roll up leveled characters for an adventure, sure, I can referee the game. In my ongoing House Campaign, everybody starts at 1st level. It's actually a 3. We're just going to solo him a few levels, then he plans to multi as a Sorcerer, which is an interesting concept.

I'll check back in and let you know how it goes! Good show!

dnd 5e campaigns pdf

I needed a dungeon quickly for a new group, and I found this site through Bing. While the first one on the list, "Accursed Tower", is notes on a dungeon that you still have to buy not a bad price, I admit, but I'm broke at the momentthe others I looked at were of good quality.

List of free D&D Campaigns

Yes, I saw my old friend B3 on the list. Only reason I didn't just grab my old modules is that I have a couple of veteran players who know the material.

I found this site and will definitely be back for more!


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